Our media of Tufftride is a Salt Bath Nitriding process (Soft Nitride) which has been in use in a wide range of industries. This thermochemical treatment enriches the surface of ferrous materials primarily with nitrogen and at the same time, with small amount of carbon. Moreover, it is common to oxidize the surface compound layer formed, by using the oxidizing AB1 salt bath. Corrosion resistance of the steel is enhanced by formation of this surface layer in a similar way to many other Nitrocarburizing treatments.

For QPQ, it is the name given to the Quench, Polish, and Quench treatment of Tufftride. As the name implies, parts are quenched after Tufftriding, polished to restore the surface finish and then re-oxidized in the oxidizing salt bath (AB1). Due to the improvement in surface finish, the corrosion resistance will be much improved along with wear resistance and many other benefits.


Benefits of Tufftriding:

Increases surface hardness

Improves fatigue strength

Improves corrosion resistance


Increases wear resistance

Reduces scuffing

Very less distortion

Quantity: 3 Sets (2 small and 1 big bath)

Small Size: 2 Sets (800 x 1,200 mm.)

Big Size: 1 Set (1,000 x 1,500 mm.)

Suitable for:

Hot work tools: Forging, extrusion, die casting mould

Cold work tools

High speed steel tools

Crank shaft, Cam shaft

Cylinder liner, block & head


Diesel engine valve

Plastic injection screw & barrel

Food processing equipment & tools

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